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Our trading bot Al persona, Zeus, embodies the awe-inspiring power and wisdom of the king of gods. Powered by advanced machine learning techniques and backed by rigorous testing.

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Zeus AI



During the extreme BTC bull run in spring 2021, we noticed the similarities between BTC and the stock market, particularly penny stocks. However, adapting our strategy proved to be more complex than expected, requiring numerous parameter adjustments. It wasn't until 2022 that we finally had our bot working as intended.


As we tested and refined our system, we sought a new challenge - managing more capital. This led to a team member proposing a DeFi Crowdfund (HermesPledge) with a tokenomics system, an innovative way to support our investment fund. And from here, the idea was born.


In April 2023 ZeusAiTrading (ZAT)launched. With a solid foundation of trading expertise, strategy development, and a drive for innovation, we are committed to revolutionizing leveraged trading and creating sustainable profitability in the crypto market with $ZAT for everyone!


About US

Ever wondered how an AI could look like? Well, we couldn't figure that out either, but we're convinced Zeus fits the bill perfectly!

He's our AI trading guru who's here to make you laugh, cry (with joy), and trade like a pro.


One of the key features of $ZAT is its transparency and accessibility.

Real Time

Our trading system, powered by the Zeus bot, generates profits from actual trading activities and compounds those profits over time.

Zues AI

Our Tokenomics

Total Tax


Total Supply

100M Total Supply

Locked Liquidity

100% Locked Liquidity


Our Steps To Success

Launch of $ZAT

Q1 2023

Token launch in April. Community building, activating the bot on Bybit.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Q2 2023

We plan to form a DAO to ensure that the future of the project is determined collectively by our community of $ZAT holders. This will enable community members to have a direct say in decision-making, including strategy updates, tokenomics changes, and other important matters.

Fair and Accessible Trading System

Q3 2023

We are committed to providing a fair and accessible trading system for everyone, regardless of their trading experience or capital size. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and market trends in the crypto trading space. We will continue to explore new strategies, optimize performance, and leverage cuttingedge technologies to maintain our competitive edge and deliver consistent returns for our community.

Top Trading Leaderboards

Q4 2023

We aim to get on consistent top spots on major trading leaderboards to gain exposure to a wider audience, attract whales to copy trade our strategies, and increase the value of $ZAT.